Contact us today to learn more how our Solar Carports can:

  • make tangible carbon emission reductions
  • bolster energy security
  • reduce utility costs
  • generate net-billing revenues
  • protect vehicle exteriors from the damage of prolonged sun, snow and hail exposure

Tailor your finishes to ensure your carport structure maintains the highest design integrity with your surroundings:

  • Custom structural options: wood, steel and stone.
  • Custom roofing finishes: shingles, metal roof or┬ásemi-transparent.
  • Standard or Semi-transparent modules.
  • Permanent installation or portable units
  • Standard 1-2 car shelters or multi car ports with scalable solar arrays.

Any PV is better than no PV, but choosing a Carport application:

  • utilizes the durability of the PV array as a shelter against hail damage to vehicles
  • eliminates concerns with roofing dead load limits or expensive retrofitting to accommodate system weight
  • eliminates concerns of HVAC or other maintenance access needs
  • eliminates concerns of local fire department roofing access regulations
  • eliminates expense of dismantling for future roof or shingle repairs
  • maximizes square footage, as there are no sub-par roof angles
  • provides significantly greater visibility for your investment to the surrounding community